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“Mark Whitney occupies a unique place in the world. As a successful entrepreneur with a one-of-a-kind background, he decided to undertake to become a live performer. Mark is a keen student of the human experience and writes the truth into his live shows.”
~Robert McKee

Welcome to the official site of everything, Mark Whitney! If you enjoy hard-hitting political satire, you will love Mark’s award-winning, one-man, political-dramedy, Fool For A Client (embedded above.) You an watch for free!

If you love to laugh, you will love Mark’s super-popular podcast, Late Nite Last Week. Recurring segments include Last Week In Politics, Last Week In Entertainment and Last Week In Sex, as inspired by the Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon, the Late Show’s Stephen Colbert, the Late Late Show’s James Corden, Late Night’s Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel, and Conan O’Brien. Mark awards Pun of the Week, Fail of the Week, and Joke of the Week! The year-end episode counts down the Jokes Of The Week. Thereafter, based on audience analytics, some lucky late night host receives the soon-to-be-coveted, Late Nite Last Week Joke Of The Year!

If you are working on becoming a better public speaker and live storyteller, check out Mark’s signature keynote: Bring Your Show Live! The 2014 World Champion of Public Speaking, Dananjaya Hettiarachchi says: “If you want to know the go-to video to understand how great speakers win their audience, then this is it. Check out Mark Whitney, who presents a fantastic educational session that will leave you with some amazing insights. He does this by dissecting the speeches of several world class presenters across different industries, (including my own speech ‘I See Something” ) If there is one video I could recommend to you, to get the real essence of public speaking, THIS would be it ! Happy Learning.”

Click the image to read Robert McKee’s long form interviews with Drew Carey, Russell Brand and Mark Whitney, the creator, executive producer and host of Late Nite Last Week!

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