Mark's Memoir

Everybody loves a good story. If there’s one thing Mark Whitney has, it’s definitely an incredible story, about that one time 30 years ago when he represented himself facing 225 years in Federal prison! The Vermont native, vying for the Libertarian nomination to run for the second highest office in the land, adheres to a platform rooted in fundamental notions of liberty. As Whitney says, "I am running for President to return authority to the highest office in the land; the office of citizen!"

He also believes that the Office of the President, as defined in Article II of the Constitution of the United States, is the most Libertarian office in all of officialdom. This concept could be implemented by citizens first choosing to vote for people instead of adhering to traditional party lines. Second, they must elect a President who encourages legislative power to be more concentrated at the state and local level all the way up to the individual.

Mark is married to his childhood sweetheart, Julie. They have two sons. He says, "My sons are more successful than I ever was at their age — as a father it doesn't get any better.” It was character traits like persistence, a willingness to listen and the ability to get outside the box for truly innovative problem solving that made his sons successful. These same things are at the heart of who Mark Whitney is and will make him successful as President of the United States. His campaign hashtag: #KeepBanging goes all the way back to his first job out of high school selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door for Electrolux Corp. "I knock on my first three doors with no success. The manager says, 'Keep banging!' The very next door, Mrs. Jones buys a standard hose for $29.95. I get a $9 commission in 1977. Forty years later I'm banging on doors for President!"

If you ask Mark for a generic summary of his life he says, “In my twenties I dug myself into a hole. In my thirties I dug out. My forties was rebuilding. Killed it in my fifties. My sixties I'm available to serve others and show them how to capitalize on the remarkable freedoms we are so fortunate to have here in the United States.” It was those same freedoms, found in the rights granted by the First Amendment — which brings with it the right to access the courts — that lead Mark to immerse himself in the self-directed study of the law. He put up a stellar defense, winning three appeals against the Department of Justice, all of which were signed by the then-future U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Stephen G. Breyer. He went on to write, produce and star in an award winning performance memoir of his experience, called "Fool for a Client." In 1999, Mark founded Corporation, a legal research infomediary that democratizes the law for everyday lawyers on Main Street America.